The idea on which Edilsocialexpo is based is the desire to create a trade fair dedicated to the world of Construction, Architecture and Design that has a different approach to existing events.

These classic thematic events, in fact, see manufacturers of the sector as almost all their participants.

The pandemic, along with other factors, made it clear that a different format was needed, putting the industry professional at the centre of the event.

A unique occasion, where not only companies, partners and suppliers will exhibit, but also and above all architects, designers, engineers and construction companies, both national and international. The event will be attended by buyers and agents from the entire Gulf area as well as Asia and North Africa.

How is the format structured?

The Edilsocialexpo format basically envisages two areas: one dedicated to Design, with companies and professionals related to architecture, design, and the outdoors as protagonists, and the other core dedicated to the Realisation of projects, with companies and professionals from the sectors related to Building and Materials, Installations and Air Conditioning, Software and BIM as protagonists.

This is what has already happened in Rome from 22 to 24 September 2022 and will be proposed again in a further evolution in 2023 in UAE, where the absolute protagonist will be circular design and sustainability, in balance with the planet.

There will be the presence of delegates, buyers, investors and technicians from the Emirates, who will be able to organise appointments and thematic talks with each exhibitor taking part in the fair.

Similarly, the edition of Edilsocialexpo in UAE will involve important companies of the sector from all over the world, again with the idea of putting professionals of this field at the centre.


Edilsocialexpo is also the first exhibition with training inside, thanks to which visitors will be immersed in educational appointments throughout the duration of the event. Sustainability will also be a central theme of the exhibition, within which green areas will be set up in the various halls to provide a more comfortable experience for visitors and exhibitors.


Numerous practical and software demonstrations will be available to visitors.

The format on which Edilsocialexpo is based is the one that puts the professional at the centre of the sector. This credo has been proposed physically inside the two pavilions of the Rome exhibition centre where the event took place.

The organisation of the exhibition space is designed to place the architecture, design, engineering and construction firms that will participate at the centre, in a circular harmony that is the symbol and protagonist of the event itself. Each exhibitor will also have a free area where training events and practical and software demonstrations can be organised.

Thanks to the presence of both players, on one hand the studios and on the other hand international professionals and buyers, it will be possible to materialise new business agreements.

The interconnection and interrelationship between “design” and “realisation” will be further concretised by a large central area, uniting the two sectors, which will host events dedicated to advanced training, workshops and thematic in-depth analysis, all coordinated by the authoritative Ambassadors chosen for each product sector. This direction will allow for a highly professional and heterogeneous format.


Edilsocialexpo is divided into five themed areas that summarise the heart of the world it represents: Art, Architecture and Interior Design, with the involvement of institutions and organisations of international importance; Construction and Materials, a sector that after the stop suffered in 2020 has seen a recovery of +287% in April 2021; Systems and Air-Conditioning, a market in constant growth in all product categories; Software and BIM, with the involvement of international references for the promotion of open BIM, Building Information Modeling, which will be present and protagonists of the event.

All sectors that have had to face major difficulties caused by the pandemic, but that have been able to recover and return to being driving factors for the world economy.

the theme of this edition



Development and Innovation

Infrastructure and Mobility

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